1967 Pre-Olympic Stage Trophy - Jean-Pierre Monseré

by Matthias Van Milders on 21 June 2021
In the run-up to the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) began holding test trials in the North American country. The promising 19-year-old cyclist from Roeselare, Jean-Pierre Monseré, was part of a Belgian selection of athletes so had the opportunity to bask in the Mexican sun as early as October 1967. Monseré gave an impressive performance at the start of three pre-Olympic road races. In the first competition, riding on and around a car race track, he finished fourth. Shortly afterwards, he became the main protagonist in a gruelling 160-km-long race and won it by a wide margin. Monseré ended his Mexican campaign coming in 8th place in the final test. The youngster clocked up 21 victories in 1967. During the Games themselves, Jempi had to make do with sixth place despite his vigorous pedalling. Two years later, Monseré proved to be the strongest contender in the 1970 World Professional Road Race Cycle Championship. when the West-Fleming rider was only 21 years old. Fortune seemed to be smiling upon the cyclist, until a fatal accident on 15 March 1971 abruptly halted his ascent. Monseré passed away in his 22nd year.


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