Tour de France

1950 Tour de France Team Classification - Belgium

by Matthias Van Milders on 21 June 2021
The 1950 Tour de France was still being contested by national teams, which also had a classification. Italy failed to hold on to its own title as final winner. In the first Pyrenees race, the Italian riders felt so much hostility from the French public that they decided to quit altogether. Some Italian riders were even pelted with stones. The Tour was done for there and then. Gino Bartali, second in 1949, and Fiorenzo Magni, then leader in the ranking, packed their bags. Ferdi Kübler took this in his stride, going on to become the first Swiss winner of the Tour de France. And the Belgians? They won the team classification. The trio of Stan Ockers (second), Raymond Impanis (ninth) and Roger Lambrecht (thirteenth) achieved the fastest time.


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