Tony Martin podium Kopenhagen 2011 Mogens Engelund WC

Tony Martin. Der Panzerwagen

German rider Tony Martin won the time trial world championship three times in a row between 2011 and 2013. This hat-trick is not unique. Earlier, Australian Michael Rogers managed to achieve such a series. Der Tony is a phenomenon. His nickname Der Panzerwagen largely explains this. When Martin goes, he keeps going. Unyielding and unshakeable like a tank, a machine as it were.

Der Tony also does everything to sit on his bike in the most aerodynamic position possible. And he is prepared to do a lot to achieve this. Therefore, on his time-trial bikes, an additional piece of sandpaper is often attached around the handles and to the saddle. This is also the case on this bike.

This personalised S-Works Shiv TT is, of course, rainbow coloured. In any case, a world time trial champion has few opportunities to show off his jersey. When it comes to racing against the clock, Tony prefers to do it in style, with additional pieces of sandpaper and with an appropriate gear. The largest front sprocket has no less than 58 (!) teeth. Don't try this at home.

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